Dr. Ahmad Ali Amirghofran

General Medical Degree from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in 1990

Specialty in General Surgery from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences in 1994

Subspecialty in Cardiothoraic Surgery from U.K.

Head of Cardiac Surgery Department in Shiraz for 14 years.

Member of Faculty of SUMS

Member of ISCS

Member of IST

Member of EACTS

Member of AS CTVS

Hospitals : Faghihi Hospital - Namazi Hospital - Dena Hospital (Private)

Tel : 071-36280101

Fax : 071-36280888

Email : amirghofranaa@yahoo.com


Tel: 071-36280101

Fax: 071-36280888

Address: Golbarg building #36, 54th avenue. Ghasrodasht St. Shiraz, Iran

Open Hours : Sat - Wed : 4PM - 8PM

Faghihi Hospital

Tel : 99-32351087-071

Hospital Website

Dena Hospital (Private)

Tel : 7-36490411-071

Hospital Website

Many operations have been invented for the first time in the world or performed for the first time in in Iran by Dr. Amirghofran.

First World Operations:

First World Operation: Right heart operation without cardiopulmonary bypass, the use of temporary TCPC

First World Operation: Trans-annular RVOT patch with Inflow occlusion technique

First World Operation: Iatrogenic RV _ Aorta Neo-connection

First World Operation: Septal cusp creation in Ebstein anomaly Repair

First World Operation: Mitral repair with no Knot-on-cusp technique

First World Operation: Innominate vein substitusion for absent pulmonary artery

First World Operation: Novel technique for complex tricuspid valve disease
( Cusp augmentation by complete tricuspid annular detachment)

First World Operation: Intra-operative creation of native valvefor Redo PVR

First World Operation: RAA valve creation from right atrial appendage in patients with TOF

First World Operation: Minimally invasive approach to RCA Translocation for Intertruncal RCA

First National Operations:

First National Operation: Ross – Konno operation

First National Operation: Use of UDVP for VSD closure

First National Operation: Center for minimally invasive mitral valve repair

First National Operation: Florida sleeve operation

First National Operation: Direct Hepatic vein to Azygos connection ofter awashima repair

First National Operation: Total RV Exclusion for End – Stage arrhythmogenic RV dysfunction. ( ARVD )

First National Operation: Florida Sleeve Valve Sparing aortic root replecment

First National Operation: Excion of atrial tumor by minimally invasive approach

First National Operation: Bental Aortic root replecment by minimally invasive approach